Herr Enders möchte diese Seite seinem kürzlich in Sri Lanka verstorbenen Musiklehrer Karl Katz widmen. Dieser spielte als Solist in der Bigband des Hessischen Rundfunks Saxophon, Klarinette und Geige. In Colombo gastierte er noch 80jährig mit seiner Jazzcombo im Hilton Hotel.







01 - Musik liegt

02 - Undecided

03 - Ich weiß nicht

04 - Schönes Wetter

05 - Late afternoon

06 - My Prayer

07 - Candy

08 - Inspiration

09 - I´ve got You

10 - You do something

11 - Domino

12 - Du und ich

13 - Sweet Sue

14 - Blue Hour

15 - Puszta Fox

16 - The entertainer

17 - Bye bye blackbird

18 - What a difference

19 - Lady be good


Karl Katz and Coda at the Hilton Colombo
German born and a popular figure for many years, Karl Katz together with the new band Cada will serenade you at the Thorana Lounge at the Hilton Colombo every Sunday from 8 pm.

Karl Katz and Coda

Karl Katz who has been playing at the hotel for many years has now teamed up with the local band Coda. The music repertoire ranges from the 1930’s to current trends.
Coda comprises of four members - Dilukshi Sirimane (keyboard/vocals) who played solo piano in the early days and thereafter moved into playing with bands like Gabo and the Breakaways in the 60`s whilst Basil Paiva who has loads of experience in having played for Fireflies, Peter Prins Combo and Jazz Project. Shiraz Nooramith who plays drums is one of the most sort after musicians has played with some of the best bands in the country both in Sri Lanka and overseas. Rodney Rabot started music in the 60’s and has played for bands like the Jetliners, Spitfires and Amazing Grace and also had his own band Climax. He along with the others moved into the Jazz music scene 10 years ago.
“Guests could enjoy a lovely evening at the Lounge ideally to relax after dinner on a lazy Sunday evening with Karl Katz and Coda, two talented music personalities,” Hilton Marketing Communications Manager Gigi De Silva said.
The Thorana Lounge also offers their diners an extensive beverage menu along with specialty coffees, delicious cocktails prepared by professional bartenders and snacks.




Karl Katz :
“Musik liegt in der Luft - Music is in the air”
Karl Katz was born on March 3, 1931 in the state of Hessen, Germany. After his A levels at the State College, he studied at the Conservatoire of Hessen classical violin, composition and conducting.
After receiving the performance diploma for classical violin he joined the radio symphony orchestra of the state of Hessen and worked as a full time musician until retirement at the age of 65.
He was also a member and first violinist of the radio and TV Big Band of the state of Hessen. In the Big Band he played mostly Jazz, his great passion. In the 1950s he spent most of his free time at Jazz clubs in Germany and across Europe to listen to, to learn from and to play with visiting bands from the USA. Karl Katz became famous in Germany and other countries of Europe for his solo performances in TV shows and concerts of the Radio and TV Big Band of Hessen as accompanying band for visiting artistes from the USA such as Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka and Liza Minelli.
His style of playing the Jazz violin (the so-called “sweet violin”) secured him a place among the top three jazz violinists in Europe in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, i.e. Stephane Grapelli, Helmut Zacharias and Karl Katz.
In the 1960s Karl Katz was the leader of a Jazz Combo and he had his own weekly radio show in Germany (Radio Hessen) called “Tea with Karl Katz”. His signature song was “Musik liegt in der Luft” (music is in the air). In the 1960s Karl Katz was the leader of a Jazz Combo and he had his own weekly radio show in Germany (Radio Hessen) called “Tea with Karl Katz”. His signature song was “Musik liegt in der Luft” (music is in the air).
He would also perform with his band on German passenger ships on cruises around the world.
It was around 1979 that he first came to Colombo as a visiting musician and came once a year thereafter to perform at the Hotel Lanka Oberoi. Karl originally played clarinet and saxophone in Colombo and later changed over to violin. Subsequently he loved Sri Lanka so much that it became his second home.
In 2005 he married Arosha, an accomplished pianist, and together they would play four times a week at the Hilton.
Karl was very popular with the musicians as well as the staff at the Hilton. He never failed to make us (the Sunday Jazz Band) smile recounting several interesting and quaint anecdotes from his life.
He was a swinging violin player. His favourite tunes included Basin St. Blues, Rosetta, Dark Eyes, Crazy Rhythm and many others from his wide and varied repertoire.
The violin is normally associated with lilting romantic melodies in the classical idiom. Karl was able to reproduce exactly that and with his versatility switch to jazz mode and improvise in a rhythmic style comparable only to the likes of Stephane Grapelli. In the last stages of his battle with his illness, we never failed to admire his strength of character. Even if he suffered excruciating pain, he always showed up immaculately dressed and ready to give his best, compelling the audience to acknowledge his mastery of the instrument. Even when he fractured his elbow, his one thought was to get it set, recover and speedily return to the music that he loved and was his life.
This was not to be as Karl answered his makers call on September 25, 2011. Although the vacuum can never be filled, Karl will continue playing in that heavenly abode and the Angels will most definitely sing and swing!.
Auf Wiedersehn, dear friend!
Friends of Karl Katz


Karl Katz opening night today
Karl Katz and his Ballroom Ensemble open their performance gigs for the Christmas season today at the Mount Lavinia Hotel Terrace. Back with a new ensemble, Karl Katz will perform daily until the much awaited New Years Eve. In this new member group is Lindy Huppertsberg who in Europe is affectionately called Lady Bass. She plays the acoustic bass and has a band of her own and has toured 50 different countries.
Peter Schucker the drummer has played with many famous jazz bands in Germany while the clarinettist Charles Hollering represented Germany at the Benny Goodman Festival in Italy. Roland Schneider the pianist is a legend in Germany. A sensitive pianist he has played for many big names, including Brooke Benton, Mills Brothers, the Golden Gate Quartet to name a few. Catch violinist Karl Katz and his Ballroom Ensemble daily at the Mount Lavinia Hotel Terra